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Land Drilling Rig Oil and Gas
Nitrogen Compression Gearbox
Offshore Jack-up Drilling Rig
Gears Close Up
BluVert Optimized Off-grid Power
Drawworks with Enclosure

Delivering industrial


For 30 years, PREP has been designing, engineering, building and servicing rotating industrial equipment for customers around the world.  We are committed to technical innovation, quality, safety and customer success.   

Pacific Rim Engineered Products was established in 1969 as an industrial gear distributor and service centre.  Building from our roots in rotating equipment and our customers' success, PREP has evolved into a leading provider of engineered solutions, product innovation, and technical knowledge to the world’s oil, gas, mining and marine industries.  Our mandate is to create innovative products that provide our customers with a competitive advantage.  


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Engineered Solutions
Lightweight AC Drawworks
Packaged Systems for drilling (drawworks and mud pumps) and off-grid power (BluVert Power Generation)
XDR Mud Pump Transmission
Global Presence

Our products can be found worldwide, with over 160 drawworks and 1800 industrial transmissions shipped to date.  

Equipment Map - Where our equipment can be found worldwide
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