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Control Systems

High quality control systems to complement our main products
AC Drawworks Control

We provide advanced drilling control packages to support the latest generation of AC drives.



  • Diagnostics

  • Auto driller

  • Alarms system

  • Tank monitoring

  • Control of MCCs

  • Crown and floor saver

  • Trending

  • Logging



  • AC drilling rigs - new builds

  • AC drilling rigs - retrofits

  • Coil tube rigs

  • AC mine hoist systems



  • Safe control of drawworks throughout speed range

  • Interlocks preventing unsafe or destructive use of equipment

  • Reduced wear on drill bits

  • Efficient control resulting in increased ROP


Transmission Control

Electronic control and monitoring of power transmission hydraulics.



  • Programmable software package

  • Communicate with Engine Control Module (ECM)

  • Alarm for low oil pressure and high oil temp

  • Operation of clutch solenoids

  • Displays temperatures, pressures and warnings



  • Mud pump drives

  • Slurry pump

  • Dredge pumps

  • Winches/hoists



  • Process optimization

  • Improves efficiency

  • Increases safety

  • Added failure protection

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