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Hoists - AC Gear Driven Drawworks

Engineered for performance, reliability and compact design.  
Land Applications

PREP's land drawworks are built to be light and compact, yet still offer the superior performance and durability that our customers expect.  Our AC drawworks are available for mining or drilling applications, with single or multi-speed transmissions, various combinations of park and emergency braking, and customized gear ratios to achieve the speed / hookload performance required.


  • Single or Multi-speed transmissions

  • Customized configurations

  • Rated up to 3000 hp

  • Hook load up to 1,500,000 lbs

  • Minimum 200% Safe Working Load (SWL) braking

  • Dynamic, regenerative brakes using the electric motors.

Contact Us

+1 (888) 990-8900

+1 (604) 882-8755


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