Hoists - AC Gear Driven Drawworks

Engineered for performance, reliability and compact design.  
Offshore Drilling Applications

PREP’s drawworks set a new standard for safety, reliability and performance for offshore drilling.


PREP’s offshore packages have been engineered to offer our clients an unprecedented level of efficiency and durability. Our drawworks packages are designed with personnel safety and peak performance in mind.  Features include stainless steel piping, dual redundancy hydraulics for lubrication and braking, and a variety of parking and emergency brake arrangements.

PREP has experience with the following design certifications: API, ABS, DNV and CE.


Our offshore drawworks are in the power ranges of 2,300 to 6,000 hp, including active heave compensated systems.


  • ABS, DNV Certifications

  • Single or Multi-speed transmissions

  • Customized configurations

  • Rated up to 6,000 hp

  • Hook load up to 2,700,000 lbs

  • Minimum 200% Safe Working Load braking

  • Dynamic, regenerative brakes using the electric motors.

FM1 2300 hp Drawworks
FM1 2300 hp Drawworks

Hook Load: 1,500,000 lbs Motor (Continuous): 2,300 hp Multi-speed

FH1 4600 hp Drawworks
FH1 4600 hp Drawworks

Hook Load: 2,000,000 lbs Motor (Continuous): 4,600 hp Single Speed

FH2 6000 hp Drawworks
FH2 6000 hp Drawworks

Hook Load: 2,500,000 lbs Motor (Continuous): 6,000 hp Multi-speed

AHC 6000 hp Drawworks
AHC 6000 hp Drawworks

Active Heave Compensating Drawworks Hook Load: 1,500,000 lbs Motor (Continuous): 6,000 hp Multi-speed

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