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Industrial Transmissions

Engine or electric driven systems for pumping, compression, material handling & hosting.
Pump Transmissions

PREP pump transmissions provide a compact design solution for mechanical pump packages. PREP has shipped over 900 mud pump reducer transmissions to the oil and gas industry. 


  • Specifically designed for high speed engines

  • All of our transmissions utilize a wet clutch (hydraulic)

    • Allows for higher engagement speeds and power

    • offers improved performance and efficiency over air clutches and torque converters

  • Ability to mount the sheave directly on the output shaft (no additional bearing support required)

    • Reduces overall length of the package

  • Smooth hydraulic engagement to reduce shock to system

  • Bell Housing / Flywheel mount

    • Reduces alignment

    • Includes input coupling to dampen torsional vibrations

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Ratings are based on a typical design for a continuous duty service.
Capacity will vary based on ratio, duty cycle and service.

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