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Industrial Transmissions

Engine or electric driven systems for pumping, compression, material handling & hoisting.
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With diesel engine technology progressing to higher power densities, an opportunity existed for a new transmission for pressure pumping applications. PREP in partnership with Cummins developed a 3,000hp 8-speed transmission with unique technological advances for the fracturing industry. Based on technology developed in Formula 1 racing and automotive applications, PREP developed a dual lay shaft design with an innovative gear shift actuation mechanism and an industry-first TOPS gears; deep ratio to provide precise control of pump pressure at engine idle during pressure testing.


The QTR transmission is the first 3,000hp application-specific transmission in the industry, designed to provide superior performance and durability in the high-demand pressure pumping industry. The unique lay-shaft design provides the exact gear ratios required by the operator to match both the engine and pump performance. The dual clutch technology keeps torque output constant during shift sequences, and offers a seamless transfer-shift of torque.


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During the 1990's, advancements in well stimulation technologies created a market opportunity for a purpose built transmission for driving trailer mounted fracturing pumps. Available transmissions were either under-rated for the power demand, or too heavy to suit the mobile application. PREP was engaged by a major heavy equipment OEM to develop a series of prototype transmissions specifically designed as fracturing pump drives.  


Stringent design requirements included a very high power density, increased reliability, lower rebuild costs, and better efficiency than what was available commercially. The resulting prototypes were 9-speed powershift transmissions rated at 2,250HP, successfully utilizing and matching standard torque converter and off-highway planetary gearset components. Features include lockup capability, PTO, integral parking brake, oil-cooled wet clutches, and standard SAE engine mounting. PREP also developed sophisticated transmission control software to provide peak performance while providing hardware protection in all operational modes.


Following successful field testing in both hot and cold climates, the IP developed by PREP was purchased and the transmissions are now in full production with one of the top three OEM engine manufacturers. 


Frac Transmissions
8-Speed Dual Clutch Fracturing Transmission
9-Speed Powershift Transmission
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