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Top Drive

Industrial Transmissions

Engine or electric driven systems for pumping, compression, material handling & hoisting.
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Custom Gearboxes

PREP is able to offer custom designed transmissions to meet almost any industrial demand.


Our resume includes transmission systems for the marine, transportation, materials handling, gas compression and drilling industry.  Companies approach us when traditional transmissions will not meet their application, and our unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities combine to offer a purpose build solution.

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PREP provided the gearbox design for a unique self-powered maintenance vehicle. The rail vehicle is used to maintain and inspect transit track, tunnels, and bridges to ensure safe travel for passengers. 

Transportation Gearbox

PREP's expertise in gear engineering and history of successful product development led to this project to design and manufacture a top drive gearbox for a Norwegian customer.


This gearbox is a critical component of the largest capacity top drive used in the offshore drilling industry. With load ratings of 1,000 metric tons, every aspect of this product underwent the utmost scrutiny and utilized the best design practices. The success of this prototype led PREP to design and build additional models for this customer, now with 750 and 1,250 metric ton offerings.

Top Drive Gearbox

It has a 600 hp hydrostatic drive system enabling travel with or without railcars in both directions.  This unique ground-up design was built and partially load tested in our facility before being integrated by the customer.

Hydraulic Power Take-Off Units

Our HPTO line is available up to 2,000 hp, with unique options tailored to optimize design for each customer’s requirements. The adaptable design of bell housing size, pump pads and shaft size ensures that the flexibility of design and engineering is there to meet any requirement.


The HPTO is designed to be reliable and durable but also ensure when routine maintenance and inspections are needed, downtime is kept to a minimum. The unique design offers removable inspection covers and easy access for maintenance to be performed on the clutch and gears without the need for lengthy and costly delays.

Dredge Pump Multi Speed Gear Unit (6,000 hp)

PREP dredge pump gearboxes have been designed to meet the very harsh conditions seen in dredging. Our experienced engineers specify and select all aspects of your gearbox including; gear geometry, bearings, seals, housing and lubrication components. We choose the best gear solution for your application whether it’s helical, bevel or planetary gears.

Our gearboxes can be supplied with a hydraulic clutch in either single or multispeed configurations. Pump bearing pedestals can be integrated directly in the gearbox design, allowing for the impeller to be mounted directly on the output shaft. This allows the overall length of the unit to be minimized.

Nitrogen Compression
Nitrogen Compression

When Generon IGS was looking for an innovative way to package multiple compressors onto a single trailer, they relied on PREP to develop a solution.  The gearbox solution allows them to mount three high pressure rotary screw compressors, driven by one 2500 hp diesel engine.


The engine and compressors are all close coupled to the gearbox, minimizing alignment and footprint. The mobile system, combined with Generon’s Nitrogen Generator is used to deliver 2500 scfm of Nitrogen with a purity of 95% and a discharge pressure of 450 psig, for pipeline and various Oil & Gas applications.

Crude Oil Pumping
Crude Oil

These unique pump gearboxes were designed for a customer with the specific criteria to have the capability of offloading one of the world's largest oil tankers within 12 hours.

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