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Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)

PREP offers application specific Hydraulic Power Units. These can easily be configured to suit any number of specifications whether it be a required envelope size, electrical rating, number of channels, or a specific hydraulic design target. Our leading edge products ensure your system achieves the highest levels of efficiency and safety. Our designs are completed in 3D CAD, built and tested in-house, and commissioned and supported by our aftermarket and service group.

  • Redundant design features and thoroughly tested units for reliable use in fail safe applications

  • Poppet valves for fast hydraulic response; rated for 10,000,000 cycles

  • Fully customizable footprints and height

  • Stainless enclosures available for added durability

  • Devices pre-wired to local junction boxes for streamlined integration

  • PREP can also provide integrated control system modules, 3D CAD and aftermarket support. 

Brake HPUs for Predictable Operation


Whether for integrated hoists systems, or standalone brake systems, PREP supplies brake HPUs with unique considerations for brake application.

  • Isolation valves on each channel to enable precise burnishing, brake capacity testing, and leak checking.

  • Consistent performance across wide temperature range.

  • Mode to manually release brakes

  • Clean-out hatch on reservoir

  • Each design is fully characterized to exact pressures and millisecond timing with state of the art testing facilities.

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