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Power Generation

Power Generation

BluVert Technologies Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PREP and provides proprietary software and technology that integrates, manages, and optimizes power sources in off-grid and mobile applications, leading to lower fuel costs and reduced emissions. 

The Bluvert technology is registered under US Patent No. 10,283,966.

Reciprocating diesel engines have dominated the microgrid power market for years, despite the fact that they are often run inefficiently with high lifecycle costs.  

The BluVert power management system lowers fuel consumption, reduces emissions and improves power quality.  This technology operates your power plant at the optimal efficiency point, and when coupled with our variable speed genset, your fuel savings and efficiency gains are further increased. Our technology also allows renewable energy sources to be easily integrated into your system.         

Our engineers can analyze your power system and load profile to show the potential benefits specific to your system.  We can deliver an optimized, modular solution specific to your needs.  



  • Up to 30% fuel savings depending on application

  • Uninterrupted power supply

  • Clean utility grade power

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Lower lifecycle costs

  • Allows for greater renewable penetration 
    with minimal energy storage

  • Virtual spinning reserve

BluVert Optimized Power Logo
BluVert Optimized Power Cabinets

Microgrid Power Applications:

  • Drilling rigs

  • Camps 

  • Remote villages

  • Mining

  • Rental/ temporary power

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