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6000 HP Active Heave Compensating Drawworks

As oil exploration activities move farther offshore, new technologies are required to drill wells at the extreme depths.

Drill ships are starting to use advanced PLC controlled AC powered hoists (drawworks) to "actively" compensate for the heave motion of the ship at sea.  This allows precise "weight-on-bit" and "rate of penetration" for the drill pipe that may be over 8 km long, despite the heave and roll motion of the ship at surface.


PREP designed and manufactured an Active Heave Compensating drawworks for use in this unique and demanding application.


  • Rated to operate continuously with 6000 HP

  • 1,000 ton hookload

  • Fully redundant systems, with no single point failures acceptable

  • PREP designed 3-speed hydraulically clutched transmission delivers a broad performance spectrum and precise control at the cable drum. 

  • All aspects of the drawworks design and manufacturing meet the stringent requirements of DNV certification for Offshore Vessels. 


This product stands alone in the world of offshore drilling and showcases PREP's ability to deliver in any arena.

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