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Heli-portable 1,600 HP Drawworks

In order to transport equipment to environmentally sensitive areas with as little impact as possible, equipment must be moved by helicopter.

Rather than rework an old design, PREP's customer wanted to design a "true heli rig"; one designed specifically with minimum weight and maximum power in mind.


A key component to that equation is a drawworks designed to have the lowest possible lift weight, a modular design and the power and control needed to reach drill depths of 16,000 ft.  As well, the fly bricks for such a safety-critical piece of the rig had to be designed in a way that disassembly and assembly are foolproof.

PREP's team engineered a 1600HP Drawworks with a 750,000lb hook load that could be transported in only seven 5500 lb loads.  To move the entire rig in only 250 loads (typical heli-portable rigs are moved in 350) meant significant cost savings to the end customer.



Time lapse of the disassembly and assembly done over approx. 3 hours.

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